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Photo of BonnieBonnie McDermott, Proprietress

Since its inception in 1990, Bonnie has been the owner and operator of Enhanced Image Electrolysis. Bonnie is a licensed electrologist. She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University and the Electrology Institute of New England.

"People often ask me why I became an electrologist. The answer is simple! I wanted to help other people feel as great about themselves as I felt once my unwanted hair was removed permanently. Electrolysis not only set me free from daily hair removal, but it gave me a more positive and joyful perspective about life.  

I initially explored electrolysis in the early 1980's as a client. While receiving a series of treatments and noticing improvement in my skin, my confidence, and my self-esteem, I realized my goal was to provide this uplifting experience for others. I followed my dream and founded Enhanced Image Electrolysis (EIE) in 1990. I chose a hot air balloon for my logo because it symbolizes freedom -- in this case freedom from being bothered or embarrassed from unwanted hair.  With this feeling of freedom, you Give Yourself a Lift!"

Photo of SandraSandra Mailloux

In 2004, Sandra joined the team of Enhanced Image Electrolysis. Sandra is a licensed electrologist, registered nurse, certified pediatric nurse, and is bilingual - speaking French and English fluently. She graduated from Rivier College and the Electrology Institute of New England.

"My first experience with electrolysis was as a client of Bonnie's. I was ecstatic with the freeing feeling electrolysis provided me since I did not have to be concerned about unwanted hair ever again. I enjoyed the camaraderie during visits. Although I am a nurse, I wanted an additional challenge that would enable me to give more. I enjoyed the process of electrolysis and the atmosphere at Enhanced Image Electrolysis appealed to me. Seeing so many people smile, hold their heads up higher, and walk taller was the deciding factor. The rest is history :o)."

What Makes us Dramatically Different?

At EIE clients are treated for unwanted hair and also encouraged to take full responsibility for their emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. With this whole body/mind/spirit approach, clients are responding incredibly well to the electrolysis treatments and are also greatly enjoying the sessions for their value in personal growth.

What is Our Secret to Success?

For each client a positive, uplifting experience is created. We discover the client's needs and provide real, relevant and remarkable value. Everyone expects good service. At Enhanced Image Electrolysis creating an unbeatable client experience is also a priority.

Our Goals
  • Our Dream - To improve people's lives by enhancing their self-image, self-confidence, and well-being.
  • Our Mission - To be the area's leading and preferred provider of permanent hair removal.
  • Our Passion - To amaze and delight each one of our clients by ensuring every client gets the most out of our services and that they feel completely at ease with their experience in our office.

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